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Online English Classes for Immigrants

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Navigating a new country can be challenging, but acquiring practical english language skills is a crucial first step for immigrants. Our online english classes are designed to help students learn english and enrich your overall immigrant experience.

Our methodology and courses

At SQA Education, our teaching methodology revolves around specific topics and themes. We believe in the effectiveness of Functional English for career advancement, providing our students with not only language proficiency but also a deeper understanding of its practical applications.

All our English as Foreign Language classes are conducted online via Zoom, offering convenience and accessibility to learners worldwide. Each module spans 6 weeks, allowing students ample time to grasp and apply the skills they acquire. We are proud to offer two distinct courses tailored to meet our students’ diverse needs:

Practical Skills for English Learners

The SQA Education practical skills classes for immigrant english learners has the purpose of supporting students learn english language essentials for everyday situations. Students will develop practical communication skills applicable to various aspects of life. The course lessons cover everyday phrases for effective communication and conversations at supermarkets, public transport, and basic social interactions for daily life. The class sessions in this course cover speaking, listening and grammar lessons, as well as reading and writing lessons. On completing the online classes and lessons in this course, students would have gained english proficiency for smooth immigrant integration.

These classes can be helpful for different groups of people. We have those that are teachers with teaching experience but are not native speakers, first-time immigrants to the United States or any english speaking country, retirees, children, stay-at-home parents and expats who are relocating with their families.

Job Skills for English Learners

With this course, students will gain english language proficiency specifically geared towards career advancement. Every student will have access to teachers who will guide you through your evolving language proficiency to build a vocabulary around your profession, ensuring smoother workplace integration. Our teachers at SQA Education speak english as a native language, and students have access to them. Our teachers provide support services offered to acquire the necessary conversation skills to confidently navigate the professional landscape.

Our classes can be of use to prospective university students, young professionals, and job seekers.

Join us on a learning journey where language education meets real-world application. Remember, learning is a journey, not a destination. Learn more about our courses and get started.

How to Enroll

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