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Here are some excellent ways to tackle the question of “how to improve your English pronunciation”: Focused Listening and Recording: Choose a Ted Talk, podcast, or song with a transcript. Listen carefully, write down what you hear, then compare your notes to the original. Next, record yourself reading the same passage with a dictation app like Audacity. Compare your recording to the original to spot the words you need to work on! Google is Your Friend: Not sure how to say a word? Use Google’s “define [word]” feature and click the microphone to hear a clear pronunciation. The Hadar Shemesh Method: Check out Hadar Shemesh’s three fun pronunciation exercises:
  • Practice reading with a cork in your mouth–forces careful sound articulation 
  • Isolate vowel pronunciation in a sentence–helps master the varied sounds of English vowels.
  • Exaggerate your reading like a “rookie narrator”–loosens you up and promotes experimentation.
Watch the video here to see a full demonstration of each activity. Remember: Consistent speaking and listening practice is the most natural way to improve your pronunciation over time. Be patient, be persistent,  and you’ll see the results!

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